Hidden from the naked eye UFO capturedduring the hike

Unknown resident (decided to remain incognito) of the state of Wisconsin
The United States, which went on a hike together with friends,
claims to have done an intriguing during this trip
snapshot. According to the men, their company stopped staying overnight.
near the village of Maiden Rock, and our hero decided to capture
their comrades near the fire. Once having photographed them on camera
smartphone, the American did not notice anything unusual around and
continued to relax with friends.

However, after returning from a hike and viewing the photos,
Wisconsin unexpectedly discovered something on that very frame.
incredible. The picture clearly demonstrates an incomprehensible object
hovering above the ground near the fire. Mysterious UFO
suspiciously like some kind of futuristic aircraft with
cool greenish lights. One of these lights seems to be
shone straight down.

Here is what the users of the Web told about their discovery.
the man:

I stood in the field and decided to photograph our group,
located near the fire. The fire was very high, so I
посчитал своим долгом сделать такой snapshot. I did not see then over
land of any objects. I have no idea
why we could not see this UFO with the naked eye, not
to mention to hear it. In total we were 9 people, and
no one noticed any anomalies around the camp. When I sent
subsequently this image to the other participants of our raid,
all of them agreed that this is very strange. We can only
to assume that a mysterious object swept over us from a large
speed and hit the photo for an amazing coincidence.
But there may be, of course, other explanations …

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