Hillary Clinton’s unexplainable photo is notinstallation

A weird photo is gaining popularity in the World Wide Web,
made at the end of last year during the election campaign
presidential race in the USA. Mysterious snapshot demonstrates
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton getting out of her car.
It would seem a very harmless image – apparently, therefore, no one
almost a year did not notice anything suspicious on him. but
now Internet users suddenly realized: with this photo is something
not this way.

It turned out that the reflection of a 69-year-old female politician in the window
car does not match reality! In fact, when
Clinton left the transport, her mouth was only slightly open,
However, if you look at the frosted glass of the car, you can see
that in the reflection of a woman’s mouth is opened wide, as if in a silent scream.
This is a fragment of the original image taken by one of the American
фотокорреспондентов, то есть installation полностью исключен. But how
is it possible?

Some commentators have tried to find this rational.
explanation. According to one version, such an unusual effect was
created a slight bend between the car body and the window,
distorted reflection of an American. That is, as in a crooked mirror,
the reflection was not too human.

Another hypothesis says that the whole thing is to blame
some digital cameras. The fact is that cameras with
scanning the matrix line by line, the image is not entirely;
as if fragmentary, from top to bottom and with a difference in milliseconds.
Thus, the snapshot consists of several parts,
made, roughly speaking, at different times. Especially good this
The effect is noticeable if you shoot the rotating blades of the aircraft. I.e
Clinton could only close her mouth, but in her reflection on
photo he still remained open.

Despite this logical explanation, many web users
still considered that it was a mystic. According to them, Hillary
Clinton can be a real demon disguised as a human.
Say, looking at any pictures of a Democrat, you can understand that
female politician tries not to be photographed near the mirrors and
other reflective surfaces. Do they reveal her true

In addition, many commentators report: in the reflection of the eye in
Clinton is absolutely black, which again gives her some
inhuman sight …

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