Hindu for peace on earth holds hand raisedalready 44 years old

Индийский садху (святой аскет) Амар Бхарати вот already 44 years old
keeps his right hand raised – in the name of peace throughout the world. For almost
half a century, his hand was completely atrophied, turning
almost a bone covered in leather. And fingers are crowned with spirals.
twisted nails, which for a long time no one has cut.

Once this man was an ordinary clerk in New Delhi and his name was
then Mahant Amar Bharti Ji. He even had a family, however in 1970
year all threw and devoted himself to Lord Shiva. Three years later indian
I realized that he was constantly overcome by worldly temptations. To
get rid of them, he raised his hand up, yes and so holds it up
so far. Rather, it does not fall long ago, because
lost such a function.

At first it was painful, the holy man confesses, but then he
accustomed to such a state, and his hand gradually freed him from
physical suffering.

Some believe that Amar Bharati raised his hand in the name of peace on
Earth, because it was very worried because of the numerous wars and
all sorts of contention on our beautiful planet. Moreover,
many of his followers also raised their hands in the name of peace and now
live in this condition. Some of them have already lasted 25 years,
so Amar has worthy disciples.

Sadhu himself explains his deed like this:

I do what many holy people have done before me.
This is the urdhaman tapasya, a kind of service to God, when you consecrate and
you give him a part of your physical body. I gave my hand this
just a spiritual tradition.

In the name of God and faith in him, many can do sadhus
ascetic acts that in terms of worldly life seem
or strange, or even impossible. For example, 88-year-old resident
India Prahlad Jani has long been living in a cave near the temple of the goddess Amba
Mata Moreover, вот уже 8 лет этот садху ничего не ест и даже не
drinking water. It seems fantastic, but the doctors confirmed it all.
documented, not realizing the truth, themselves, due to which there is
this person. It is believed that without water, our body can
exist no more than two or three days. And then – eight years …

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