Hitch turned out to be a ghost

In the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet network is gaining popularity
a story that happened at the end of February of this year, when
Argentine Pedro Peroni from San José de la Eskina, province
Santa Fe) drove in his car a young guy who, judging
around, he came from the other world.

Such horror stories, not supported by any video or photo, in
The World Wide Web, as they say, is a dime a dozen. Why this story
suddenly proved so popular?

The fact is that Pedro Peroni is a very human
serious and honest, he is simply not capable of any practical jokes
and fairy tales, especially at the level of television.
TV people are not interested in this case either.
(Watch the video of the meeting with journalists Peroni, shown on
local television, just below), since one thing “horror story” from
drunken peasant, and another thing is the story of a solid man,
respectable Catholic whose veracity of words is ready
certify everyone in San José de la Eskina – right up to the mayor of this
a small town (less than 7 thousand inhabitants).

And it was like this:

Pedro Peroni was returning on his semi-utility SUV in
native town, when on the highway it was “stopped” by a hitchhiker –
a young boy of about seventeen. There was nothing
remarkable, except perhaps silence, because a teenager
he told the man only that he was from Arigi (a neighboring town) and
heading to San José de la Eskina, however, it’s necessary to land
a little earlier, they say, he will say where.

So it happened, at the crossroads in front of San José de la Eskina
the teenager asked Pedro to stop the car. And then the man smelled
a strange smell of something burning, which quickly jumped out of the car and
inspected his semi-car passenger car. Not finding anything
dangerous, Peroni returned to the cockpit – and the teenager was gone: he
as if evaporated, because getting out of the car unnoticed and immediately
to run away for a person in that situation was just unreal
since the circle was open space – the field. And on this field
in any direction – no one.

Pedro got into the car and then he understood where the stench was coming from: rubber
the rug under the feet of the teenage passenger melted, leaving a clear
traces of shoes. Here it came to Peroni that he stopped at
the intersection, one of the roads of which leads to the cemetery …

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