Honey badger – an animal that Kenyan huntersrespect for fearlessness

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this beast is the most
ferocious of all those dwelling on land. So, meet: honey badger, or
honey badger, he is – a bald badger, an Indian honey badger and a ratel.
Inhabits the desert landscapes of Africa and Asia. African honey badgers
often settle in the hollows of trees, Asian dig for themselves

The animal received its name for gastronomic addiction.
To taste the favorite “dish”, the honey badger attacks bee nests.
and destroys them.

This animal has a rather unusual coloring: its body is visually
divided into dark lower and light upper parts. His
the two-colored skin the honey badger “wears” rather loosely, since under it
is a layer of subcutaneous fat. So if this animal
attacking from behind, it can, easily twisting, attack itself
the enemy.

What eats honey badger

It would be more correct to call this beast from the family of the weasels
vseedom Judge for yourself, in its “menu” there are lizards and frogs,
birds and small mammals, fish and venomous snakes, in particular
cobras, insects and arachnids such as scorpions. Are known
even cases when the honey badger was attacked by domestic
sheep (for which people declared a merciless war to a predatory aggressor).
The honey badger doesn’t disdain the gathering: he eats berries, roots, fruits,
plant buds and bird eggs, acting on the principle: everything is useful,
what got into my mouth.

If we talk about the favorite delicacy of the honey badger, then
to get it, this gluttonous sweetener “enters into cooperation” with
medvedogchikom, or medvedom. Having discovered a nest of wild bees,
she “leads” the honey badger on him – and the real robbery begins:
having reached the nest, the beast breaks it with powerful claws and eats
honey, the bird remains the honeycomb in which it attracts the larvae and, as
not strange wax.

Snakes are the second favorite dish of a honey badger who is ready to hunt for
them for the rest of your life. The only unprotected place
the animal is its muzzle. However, even if the bite is there,
the poison will cause only a tumor and the predator will be knocked down for a couple of hours.

The honey badger also successfully hunts turtles, for it is not a hindrance to them.
durable shells.

Honey badger lifestyle

Honey badgers are nocturnal animals that sleep in holes or hollows during the day,
and in the evening they go hunting. In the spring, in the mating season, they manifest
also daily activity.

The honey badger’s burrows look like a badger. Their depth is from 1 to 3

The ferocity and fearlessness of these animals are truly infinite.
The honey badger is able to attack antelope, porcupine, even a buffalo.
Are known случаи, когда он сходился в схватке с леопардом и львом (а
then a few lions, see the video below).

Of course, it is not possible to win the honey badger in such battles, but he
never retreats and sells his life dearly. Knowing courage
honey badger, Kenyan hunters ate the hearts of predators, believing that
it will make them so brave and resilient.

These animals are especially aggressive and dangerous during the mating season.
period Fighting honey badger bites into his enemy and hangs on
him like a bulldog.

At the same time, the honey badger’s gait seems to be sycophile, so he
pressed to the ground and bends back. However in the case of
need the beast can run at a significant gallop

Honey badgers – single animals: individuals of the opposite sex
found only for mating. The female is born one or two
cub, which for a long time live with their mother.

In the north of our country live “relatives” honey badger, who
strikingly similar to them in their appearance, body structure,
fearlessness, characteristic aggressive behavior and omnivorous. it
– wolverines.

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