Houses with which strange things happen

These events seem incredible and impossible in principle
However, they are not so rare, and therefore attract
close attention of researchers of anomalous phenomena. True,
Scientists cannot yet explain this phenomenon.

House from the past

It happened in Wiltshire (South West England). Young
A girl named Edna Hagis was riding a bicycle to her friend.
When the desert road led her to the outskirts of the city of Swindon,
It began to rain with thunderstorms. Edna instantly got wet through. Suddenly
near the road she saw a lonely house under a thatched roof
smoke curled over his pipe. Drenched and chilled, the girl knocked
in the door.

An old tall man opened it. Without saying a word he
missed an unexpected guest in the house. It was warm and comfortable in
the fire burned merrily. Despite the master’s stubborn silence,
Edna was very grateful for his shelter. Good this allowed her
dry out and warm up.

However, it took some time – and suddenly the walls, the ceiling of the house and
all that was in it began to grow dim, and then disappeared altogether.
Miss Hagis saw herself driving the same road again.
bike, good rain by this time is over.

Having finally reached her friend, she met others there
guests, too drenched, as they drove the same road. When
they listened to Edna’s story, they said that there was no house in it
there is no place – only abandoned ruins. Being strong
intrigued, the girl went back the same way. And that she
did you see In the place where the silent master let her into his
warm housing, was now the old foundation, the path to which
overgrown with thick weeds …

A house that fell into cosmic void

Once Tanzanian Juma Mbil, returning home and opening the door,
almost lost the power of speech. Instead of the usual room, he saw …
cosmic void with brightly flickering points of stars. The man came out
to the courtyard – everything was fine there, tried again to return to the house –
terrible infinity of space! ..

Being on the verge of insanity, Juma called the police. When он
opened the ill-fated door, the guards literally dumbfounded
by surprise. And when they came to their senses, they photographed
cosmic abyss. It was not superfluous, because after a few
hours – everything is lost, or rather, back to the old
natural state: home like home …

Later obtained by police officers pictures were investigated by scientists.
University of Dar es Salaam. Their conclusion was astounding.
The starry sky looked as if someone was looking at it from
point, located in the constellation of Cassiopeia, which is at 86 light
years removed from the solar system! ..

The plotted house of Baba Vera

Similar paranormal phenomena also occur in Russia.
When-то в деревне Ключи, что в Свердловской области, проживала
a certain woman Vera. Her granddaughter Nina, who every summer came to the village,
said that Baba Vera was very pious and incessantly
prayed. In the evenings, closing the door on the hook, she repeatedly
baptized them. She also baptized the windows and the stove, and then quietly
fell asleep. In fact, this way the old woman defended for the night
my house.

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