How a young deer saved a woman from a murderer

And how much do we know about this world: about amazingly intelligent animals,
quite reasonable trees, stones and so on, attributing
conscious activity only to man?

At the same time, when the animal makes some kind of striking
our point of view, an act commensurate with human logic, we
suddenly think: how do the rest of the world perceive it
the inhabitants? After all, animals probably also think, even in images,
planning something, possessing memory, certain attachments,
as well as we love, hate and are even capable of heroic

It is about one such act and I want to tell. Woman by
Dora lived in Ohio (a suburb of the United States Buchvid
America). Her house was near the forest, so Dore had to
daily pass the road that went through the thicket. She never
even thought about the fact that it is dangerous, but one day … in this deaf
a gangster attacked her in the forest. He stunned Dora with a blow to the head, robbed
she began to choke her and, dragging away from the road, apparently wanted to
get rid of a witness to your crime because a woman
I saw him before the attack.

Dora, having come to herself at that moment, realized that she could not be saved
and therefore mentally said goodbye to life. But here they crack more often.
branches under the feet of some animal, and the next moment to the place
crime flew a young deer, with a run up butting villain, yes
so that he flew off to the side.

The criminal jumped to his feet and again rushed to Dora – apparently in
hoping to complete his dirty deed, but the deer has also shown
perseverance in his desire to save the unfortunate: he again ran away
and butted the criminal’s head for the second time. After that, the man realized
that it was time for him to retreat from the crime scene, so he hurried
run away.

Dora came to herself, scrambled out of the bushes and for a while with
stared in amazement at the deer who had saved her. And he stood and also
watched the woman as if he wanted to make sure that everything with her
okay Then he turned and ran back …

Some believe that such a raised, almost human
only some animals have consciousness. If you turn to
theories of reincarnation, then, most likely, these are the ones who in
the next life is destined to be reborn by man. Or, conversely, those
who was already a man, yes for some reason (apparently for sins)
reborn into an animal. After all, how many such cases when children (and
they are two years old remember well who they were in their past life)
they remember that they were a snake, a dog, a horse, and so on. And
sometimes these memories are confirmed as they coincide with
real events in which the dead animal participated
(then reborn into a person) and people who remember all this well.
So our heroic deer, I suppose, runs with consciousness
man …

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