How aliens camouflage their flyingdevices

What do you think is better: watch good videos about
UFO without comment or read interesting eyewitness notes,
confronted with something incomprehensible in the sky, however, managed
Capture this “something” only in the photo? Judge for yourself, and we will start
Still, with stories – the video will be, as they say, on
�”Snack” …

In the Far East, captured a UFO in the form of clouds

Russian from the Far East posted on the Internet (on the portal
�”Vladtime”) UFO photograph in the form of a strange cloud. Unfortunately,
the eyewitness did not guess (couldn’t) remove it all on video, but
therefore we will rely on his story:

At that moment I simply admired the beauties of the magnificent mountain
slopes against the evening sky, when suddenly from the clouds flew still
one cloud, very strange in form, and, most importantly, in behavior.
And if you look closely, then inside this “cloud” it’s as if
someone or something is hiding. And it moved across the sky so
as if they were being ruled. Real clouds don’t fly like that …

Ufologists have suggested that this is a relatively uncommon case
когда инопланетяне прячут свои летательные devices за clouds.
They somehow manage to control them, forcing them to fly behind the ship and
to cover it with a misty shell that is easy from the surface of the earth
take for an ordinary cloud. They usually use this to
low flight. One of the famous Russian ufologists Sergey Chernov
claims that he has not once encountered such a disguise
aliens. In his opinion, this proves once again that before
you are aliens because there are no control technologies on Earth yet

Mysterious UFO over Las Vegas

An American from a Las Vegas suburb was also admiring at that moment.
nature, however, he just enjoyed the sunset, while
which often clouds and sky are painted in the most fantastic
shades, thanks to which real masterpieces of “natural

Here is how he explains what he saw:

While the sun was slowly setting over the hills to the left, in the sky
This strange object appeared – a kind of glowing ball, with a little
visible transverse smoky traces. At least visually
it was visible in the already darkening sky very clearly and
fascinating. It was clearly not the usual UFO in the form of “flying
plates, more than that, it probably has no
relationship to aliens. But then what is it? Can anyone
identify and explain this riddle?

Offering you also see a selection of UFO videos (at the very
end), we allow ourselves to clarify: any UFO is already defined
anomaly in our sky and explaining it by alien flights is the most
simple that ufologists and other researchers of the similar can make
phenomena. However, a lot, like the case of a resident of Las Vegas,
just can not be unambiguously explained, so most often we
have to be content – assumptions that sometimes
not only interesting, but also fun.

So, we are waiting for comments …

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