How an actress helped grow a record cropcabbage

Indian farmer Chenchu ​​Reddy, who lives in Andhra Pradesh,
claims that bollywood actress Sunny Leone helped him
вырастить небывалый урожай cabbage, причем сама звезда экрана
knows nothing about it. How does this relate to

It turns out that the farmer just put on his plot with cabbage
a huge portrait of Sunny Leone. And now all the passersby began to stare
not on the cabbage, but on the actress, which contributed to the success. That’s how
Chenchu ​​Reddy himself explains all this:

I grow ordinary and cauliflower on ten arches.
To scare away the curious, who could look at with envy
good harvest or gloat over the bad, thereby
energetically contribute to the failure, I put before terrible
stuffed, for example, in the form of demons. But it did not work. Then me
it occurred to me to put this portrait here – actress Sunny Leone,
for, as I noticed, even women look at her with
admiration, not to mention men. And now passersby admire
this poster, not my cabbage. Perhaps the poster possesses
some kind of magical power, but most likely people passing by
my plantation, now they do not envy and gloat, as
способствует усиленному росту cabbage.

To the question of journalists, isn’t he afraid of Reddy that the authorities will force
remove his “magic” poster, the farmer with a grin replies that this
hardly ever happen, because the officials here never
appear. They do not care about the problems of rural workers,
All the more, than can they prevent poster with Sunny Leone on the farmer
plot? ..

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