How and why the kitten was gone Ray of Light

About cats there is a mass of all kinds of mystical stories,
since these creatures do not seem to be of this world. Not
in vain, some ufologists consider them aliens from other worlds,
mystics certainly associated with black cats activity
witches and witches, and with the white – brownies, banniki and other
mysterious housekeepers, and even in everyday reality
a simple inhabitant, these pets are sometimes not just surprised
often literally amaze with their supernatural

For example, who does not know that cats can heal and take away
his master’s karma for himself, sometimes even saving him from
or from any serious misfortune, and, it would seem,
random. At the same time, they themselves donate their health, or even
by life. But there are even more startling cases.

Here is what Arkady Petrov, for example, tells about
from the village of Nizhnye Kuryaty of the Krasnoyarsk Region:

I do not particularly like pets, including cats. But in that
the day I was walking with my friend from among the guests, and suddenly … I heard in the bushes
mournful meow. Personally, I would just pass by, but my friend
Began to call a kitten. And soon he crawled out to us – small
lumpy, pathetic and pathetic. Not знаю даже почему, но в тот
the moment I was literally overwhelmed with unbearable pity.

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