How did the girl visit the “damn wedding”

A resident of Yekaterinburg Natalia Semenova shared a lot
interesting story that happened to her grandmother Taisia.

… It was in the thirties of the last century. Future grandmother
Natalya then lived in the city of Kasli (Chelyabinsk region), in her
the house, next to the old cemetery. Accustomed to the graves neighborhood, she
experienced no superstitious fears towards them and
concerns. By the way, the cemetery is preserved to this day; on it you can
see many cast iron figures and an old chapel on
main alley.

… A warm and windless September day has already noticeably passed
for the middle. Taisiya, while still a young girl, having mastered
chores, decided to visit and clean up the graves
relatives. A few minutes later she was entering the gate.

In the central alley Taisiya reached the chapel, also decorated
cast iron, crossed over as usual and, turning to the side,
continued on its way. All around was deserted, silence violated only
croaking raven.

… Suddenly, it would seem, for no reason the girl became very
fearfully. Looking around, she saw that near her feet and
fallen leaves snake along the path – this is how the snow drifts.
This surprised and frightened Taisia ​​even more, because there was no wind.
absolutely! ..

And meanwhile the leaves were spinning stronger and stronger – and now
turned into a real whirlwind. From the horror of the girl literally
buckled legs. Kneeling down, she crawled along the ground toward
the chapel. A meter column of leaves circled beside her, heard
howl, hum and – what was most terrible – someone’s evil
giggles. Taisia ​​heard him very clearly …

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