How did the Russian woman visit the “citydead

Olga Grebennikova, a resident of Rostov-on-Don, is convinced that
1986 she had a chance to go under some kind of artificial sky.
planets and spend some time there. And it happened so.

… It was a late spring evening. The woman was about to go to bed
sleep and sat on his ottoman. Quite unexpectedly she saw
that stands knee-deep in water and this happens not in the evening, but in the afternoon.
To the right and left of Olga a calm sea spread out, and before her –
on the shore – there was a city across a wide strip of beach. Whites
low houses were strictly lined quarters.

The woman felt that the city attracts her like a magnet.
Suddenly, the seaside landscape was gone, and Olga found herself in infinitely
long and round stone pipe. In it twilight reigned, from somewhere
there was a faint glow. With mad speed woman suffered
pipe forward. For fear, she screamed in a wild voice, and so
flew – nonstop squeal.

Инопланетный «город живых dead

Having finally flown out of the pipe, the woman appeared, as she understood, on
The street of the city in which she was so attracted. To the right and to the left of Olga
stood, stretched out in two rows, white houses. On this weird
On the street, two figures approached a woman, dressed like doctors,
in long white bathrobes. Frightened Olga could not really them
Consider, only noted high growth strangers.

Catching under the elbows, the “doctors” dragged the woman to the nearest
houses, while her face was thrown back up. Amazing but over
Olga saw the city not the sky, but the monstrous dimensions of artificial
dome. He stretched to the horizon in all directions, had a heavenly
shade and at the same time evenly glowed. Inner surface
domes flared many dim sparks.

When Olga was inside the building, she saw quite
ordinary earthly people – men and women, and all of them
moving non-stop: wandering back and forth in a spacious hall.
Gait all had some kind of unnatural, jerky, like a
robots; meaningless, idiotic smiles froze on their faces.

Seeing these stupidly trampling people, Olga began to break free.
from the hands of dragging her “doctors.”

– Where are you taking me? She screamed. – Release
immediately! I do not wish to be like them! .. These are the dead, this
the living Dead! And this city of yours is a real city of the dead! I do not
I want to stay here! Release! ..

Suddenly, the “doctors” heeded pleas, or rather, heart-rending screams
his captive. Sharply falling somewhere back down, Olga with a swing
sat down on the couch in his apartment. Desperate cry stuck in her
throat The woman was again in the old, familiar world, among
familiar, safe things.

Even now, many years after his amazing
travels, Olga Grebennikova recalls with horror his details
and wonders how she managed to escape from the city of the walking dead
under an artificial sky? ..

What was it? Another planet, a parallel world or something else,
no one knows, and no one explained to the woman either then or later
this riddle. The blessing, as she says, was no longer disturbed, although in
at first she was very afraid that the mysterious “doctors” from “the city
dead могут за ней вернуться…

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