How “dummy” in the amusement park turned outthe corpse of the criminal

In December 1976, television crews filmed in California
Pike Amusement Park episode of a popular show at the time
�”Man for 6 million dollars.” To give the place the necessary
atmosphere and attract the public, near the pavilion installed the gallows with
�”Wax dummy” hanged. In the hectic one of the members of the film crew
groups accidentally hurt the “dummy”, and that fell off his hand.

Those present were awaited by an unexpected and terrible discovery. TO
universal shock, the “model” was bare bone. TOогда вызвали
the police, under a layer of red wax was found a human corpse.
It turned out that the mummified remains of more than six decades
taken for a mannequin, using in various carnivals and
submissions. Nakhodka passed the forensic scientist, who carefully
studied it and helped law enforcement officers identify the dead man. It turned out to be
Safe Burglar and Robber Elmer McCurdy, widely known in
America for its phenomenal bad luck.

America’s most unfortunate criminal

McCurdy was born in 1880. Returning from the army, he decided
apply the skills acquired there to commit thefts. None
less because of his alcoholism, stupidity and glaring incompetence of his
criminal career did not work from the very beginning. It cost Elmer and his
an accomplice to acquire tools for hacking safes, as they immediately
arrested However, the men were acquitted in court and after that
decided to commit their first robbery.

The gangsters managed to get to the safe in which there were 4 thousand
dollars – quite a large amount for those times. None менее,
McCurdy, who was in charge of the explosives, used too much
the volume of nitroglycerin, and the metal box literally tore, and
all the money in it was destroyed. Criminals are gone with empty
hands, however Elmer did not want to leave the game and began
develop a new quick enrichment plan.

But ridiculous failures pursued our hero further. AT
September 1911, McCurdy and his accomplices committed armed
Bank robbery. The bank vault was closed, while
For security reasons, they did not leave a key there. Bandits for an hour
tried to blow up the notorious nitroglycerin solid steel
the door, however, left on it only a few minor dents.
AT итоге преступники отказались от 5 тысяч долларов, находившихся
inside, and instead took only $ 150 from the cash register.

On October 4, 1911, Elmer arrived along with two new
accomplices in Oklahoma. There appeared before the Americans
an opportunity to break a truly big sum – to rob a train,
carrying 400 thousand dollars. However, fortune turned away again
from our hero. His team confused the date and place of arrival
collectors, and instead the criminals broke into
ordinary passenger train. There they took away from their compatriots 46
dollars, a few inexpensive pocket watches and a couple of bottles

On October 7, police surrounded the ranch where McCurdy was sleeping, and
demanded that he surrender. Our hero refused to do it and
opened fire on a law enforcement officer from a revolver. The shootout lasted
about an hour, after which sheriff Dick Wallace managed to kill
wicked shot in the chest. It is noteworthy that for the head
By order of the annoyed police, Elmer was awarded a reward of 2
thousand dollars while the unfortunate robber never succeeded
steal at a time and 200 dollars.

Unusual fate of the corpse of Elmer McCurdy

TOогда тело 31-летнего Маккерди передали в похоронное бюро,
it turned out that the criminal has no relatives, and there is no one to take the remains.
The Undertaker decided to embalm a dead man and put him on
showcase as an advertisement. TOогда туда повалили толпы зевак,
wanting to see the famous criminal loser, bureau owner
I began to charge visitors for it at 5 cents. Ironically again
that, as a dead man, Elmer earned far more than his entire
a life.

Constantly there were owners of carnivals and booths who wanted to
acquire the remains of a robber, but the undertaker every time refused
them. AT 1916 году объявился человек, который назвался братом
deceased and demanded to give him a body. Funeral home
afraid of litigation for the desecration of a corpse, and did so. TOак
It is not difficult to guess that it was far from being a relative of McCurdy, but
an enterprising businessman who decided to get the infamous mummy
burglar free.

The remains over the next 60 years repeatedly
resold, and over time the fact that this is not a dummy, but
a real corpse was finally forgotten. Elmer’s body fell into
attractions like “Ghost Houses”, served as an exhibit in
museums adorned the lobbies of cinemas in the era of the horror film boom
and was even used as a decoration for low-budget
horror movies If it were 41 a year ago, one of the TV crews in Long Beach
accidentally did not touch the “model”, the remains, perhaps, still
would be used for such purposes.

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