How is this possible: The sun disappears for a momentfrom space

The SOHO, tracking the Sun, on February 16 issued a record
which greatly surprised space researchers and ufologists. The thing is
that for a moment our star suddenly disappears, that is,
goes out, then lights up again.

And it can not be a malfunction of the shooting equipment,
since outer space remains the same, it shows
stars and other objects, only the Sun disappears somewhere, as if
turns off. Since this disappearance lasted almost
moment, on Earth, no one even noticed, however strange
the anomaly was fixed by the ultrasensitive solar equipment
Observatory (a joint project of the European Space Agency
and NASA).

If the Sun can “turn off”, the conspiracy therapists immediately began talking.
and supporters of all sorts of fantastic theories, it turns out that
it is not at all that huge red-hot star that we are told about
from school. Perhaps this is a kind of portal from which
energy flows infinitely, or even just a hologram. Last thing
very similar to the truth, because near the Sun constantly screaming UFOs,
and if you compare them with a star, then the size of these devices
comparable with the Earth, and even more, which is somehow unlikely. So in
this time, as soon as the star again caught fire, near it
flashed an unidentified flying object of giant dimensions
(see the video below).

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