How Japanese school children caught miniatureUFO

In 1972, a group of Japanese schoolchildren declared that they had succeeded
to meet and even briefly captivate an unidentified flying object
miniature sizes.

Flying saucer watching

On August 25, a boy named Michio Seo was returning from school and
suddenly noticed a metal apparatus flying low over rice
field. In terms of size and shape, this mysterious silvery
the device looked like a small hat.

Anxious teenager quickly retired and on the same day
told the story to his buddies Yuji, Yasuo Fujimoto,
Hiroshi Mori and Katsuoko Kojima. All five decided to come to the field.
in the evening and see if the “flying saucer” managed to get away
back home At around 7:00 pm the schoolchildren cautiously approached the crops and
began to look out for the alleged alien drone.

Не прошло и часа, как UFO появился над field. Unidentified
the object emitted a multicolored pulsating light at dusk. AT
A certain moment “hat” was just 20 meters from the guys.
One of the teenagers ventured to chase the “plate”, but it was worth
he approached her as a loud bang was heard, and the device
flickered quickly as if signaling its readiness
defend yourself. Frightened, the young Japanese rushed away.

Но на этом их исследования UFO не закончились. The children were visiting
on the field every night hoping to see a “flying hat”, and on September 4
their efforts were crowned with success. At about 9:30 pm the device appeared at
a meter above the ground and suddenly flew straight to our heroes, forcing them
once again retire.

On September 6, something unexpected happened. When the company turned out
on the field, the “flying saucer” lay on the ground, which had never
it happened. Then the alleged drone flew up sharply,
enveloped in the air and, continuing to spin, again fell to the ground.
When he finally stopped, Hiroshi Mori, being the most desperate
a boy came up and took the object in hand. ATнутри устройства что-то
was moving.

Изучение школьниками UFO

Schoolchildren placed the find in a satchel and carried it home to one
of them. There they determined that the weight of the metal apparatus with
flat bottom is 1.5 kilograms, diameter – 20 centimeters, and
height – 10 centimeters. On the case of the device were 3
incomprehensible character and 31 small hole.

Naturally, the children could not help but show their amazing
purchase by adults. Unfortunately, the older responded to it.
absolute skepticism. Even father Yasuo Fujimoto, who led
the local center of scientific education, indifferently turned the “plate”
in his hands and said that it was someone’s hand-made article.

Огорченные недоверием взрослых, подростки оставили UFO в
backpack, but after a while he just disappeared from there, with
this even the zipper on the knapsack remained closed. But the object is again
начал появляться над рисовым field.

Our heroes remembered that the device never flew in the rain,
as if afraid of moisture. The children took a bucket of water and aptly poured it.
flying object. The device is desperately buzzing and collapsed
on the ground.

На этот раз ребята сперва закидали UFO камнями, затем взяли
sharp wire and began to poke it into the holes under the body.
�The “plate” was buzzing, vibrating and blinking quickly like flashing
beacon, but soon subsided. When teenagers shone inside the object
flashlight, so it turned out strange electronics and some kind of strange
organic-like slurry. Maybe it was the remains of the pilot

А потом UFO снова исчез, теперь уже навсегда. Playing around with
�”Flying saucer”, the children shook it in rags and threw it in the basement,
from where the drone subsequently safely escaped. On presented
here, photos and videos you see only his cue, that is, a copy,
created much later by the stories and descriptions of those witnesses
fantastic events – meetings of Japanese schoolchildren with miniature

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