How real Venus sounds – justdivinely

Probably, each of us from childhood years came across such
concept as “silent space”. However, this is actually
�”Empty” space has its own sound, another thing is that
planets, comets and other objects are “talking to” each other in
the range of radio frequencies inaccessible to the human ear.

Today, however, scientists are able to reconstruct these mysterious
radio frequencies to the sounds we can hear. We offer
your attention the sound of Venus. Just do not think that
the reconstruction of this Morning Star’s “voice” distorts its real
�”vote”. These are the sounds that are inherent in Venus, the most
real melody of cosmic life.

And this melody simply fascinates, as if it takes away our consciousness
somewhere in the unknown distance, plunges into nirvana itself, and therefore
while others experience unity with the Universe, with the Highest
mind, with God.

So listen and enjoy, because the words are all
express simply impossible. And if at first you experience some
shock, then with repeated or, even better, repeated listening
«голоса» Венеры, вы непременно испытаете нечто divinelyе —
incomprehensibly beautiful and infinite, which can be compared perhaps
Only with Bach’s organ music. However, everyone says
we have our own associations, and therefore we will not violate this harmony
imposing your opinion – listen and enjoy!

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