How snowman attacked Yakutgeologist

Galina Kuzmina from Simferopol shared with
users of Runet amazing story about Bigfoot

In the 1990s, a woman served as a medical assistant on
helicopter air ambulance. The medical center was located in
городе Нюрбе Нюрбинского района Yakutia. The services of such helicopters
often used by hunters, herders, geophysicists, miners and
other residents of this harsh land who required medical
help. Sometimes wild places, no roads, so even fly to
some patients had many hours.

Wounded geologist

Once in the winter, the medical team received an urgent call from the participants.
Amakinskaya diamond-searching expedition in the village of Old Kutugun.
It was alleged that a bear attacked one of them and squeezed it nicely.
The doctor immediately decided that we are talking about an aggressive connecting rod.

Immediately flew. Overboard was a temperature of minus 40, for
portholes sailed white taiga with frozen rivers. About
after 2 hours, ambulance staff landed near the camp
geophysicists. They were met and immediately taken to the tent with

On the bunk, breathing heavily, lay with his eyes closed a man of years
magpie. Colleagues of the victim said that Sergey went
check traps and apparently met a bear without
laid down in hibernation. Fortunately, a comrade followed him,
who heard two shots and rushed forward. Battered geologist
with a smoking gun in his hand he lay unconscious in the snow. Colleague
on his own he dragged him to the camp – otherwise he would just freeze.

The doctors examined the wounded man. He had several broken
ribs and arm. A brain contusion was also diagnosed. However,
there were no abrasions characteristic of a bear attack;
puzzled doctors. It was decided to hospitalize a man in

Mysterious Chuchuna of Yakutia

Suddenly, the same person who brought the victim to
camp, hesitantly said:

No it was not a bear. I saw footprints in the snow, they
were not at all like bearish. It was Chuchuna. The tracks are huge
50 centimeters in length. Around nemeryanno krovischi, but clearly not
Seregina, a person can not lose so much. It seems he shot
Chuchunu, and he ran away towards the fells. Local herders say
that several times saw this creature near their herds. She is awesome
2 times higher than the orangutan and the same shaggy.

The doctors incredulously exchanged glances and looked at the victims: they did
he was punctured, a tire was laid on his arm and carried on a stretcher to a helicopter.
He regained consciousness only in the hospital.

For reference: Chukhunoy Yakuts called overgrown with black wool.
upright creature similar to the well-known snow
person This analogue of Bigfoot lives in the forest and is famous for its
dexterity and remarkable physical strength. Chuchuna is not considered special
evil, but if necessary, he can easily kill
person Maybe Sergey himself provoked the monster by deciding, say,
shoot him for no reason or just

In addition, according to legend, this creature steals food from people
deer and even women for their carnal pleasures. Chuchuna laughs out loud
and utters a shrill whistle. Believed that so he
talks with his congeners. From yeti this creature
distinguishes a certain civilization. Chuchuna, though afraid of fire,
however, wears coarse clothing from animal skins and hunts with
primitive tools: stone ax, bone knife, and sometimes

Unexpected continuation of the Yakut history

But on this story of Galina Vladimirovna, oddly enough, not
is ending.

When the helicopter took to the air, on a hill towering
Not far from the camp, a dark figure appeared. Flying over it
shocked doctors saw a 3-meter humanoid being
covered with thick hair. It stood in the snow and raised its top
bloody paws, as if asking for help.

Kuzmina rushed to the pilot and tearfully asked him to land
the car, however, the pilot refused to do it. First, in
the forest had no place for planting, and secondly, the monster could easily
tear apart all compassionate physicians. Say, who knows what
will come to mind this beast.

Many years have passed, and Galina is still reproaching herself for the fact that
nothing helped the wounded snow man, and perhaps even
to the dying Chuchuna. After all, it is possible that the Yeti simply defended
от geologist с ружьем и, не желая никому зла, получил заряд

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