How snowman deprived of the forester’s dinner

About this amazing creature – yeti talk a lot
exciting stories. Forests face it more often than others.
hunters, as well as tourists who came to the snowman.
Young forester Peter Goryunov could boast that it’s not easy
met with the Yeti, and also treated him to dinner.

Meeting with a snowman is dangerous

It happened a long time ago, shortly after World War II,
when Goryunova distribution sent to the Urals. Before the war
Peter went to college, from 1942. fought and reached Berlin.
Returning from the front, he graduated and at the age of twenty-seven
He was in the Urals in the position of the forester.

It was here that Goryunov met a mysterious creature that
the locals, the Mansi, are called the word “menk.” Menka believe
the spirit of the forest and the werewolf. According to legend, these creatures are divided into
two varieties. Some – they are called “uchchi” – dangerous and evil, they
can abduct children and women and even be cannibals. Other
on the contrary, do not show aggression and avoid meetings with the person.
It is possible that the evil uchchi are males, and the peace-loving
the creatures are females that have babies nearby, and therefore they
leave quickly, preserving offspring. All shading is completely covered.

Locals told the new forester about the danger
which traps him in the forest. Fear, they said, need not
only bears, wolves and frost, but also insidious uchi. Peter in response
only laughed at it.

But once in the winter he gathered in a remote corner of the forest,
which local residents considered very dangerous and did not go there. About
This Peter learned from the old hunter Mansi, whose brother in the past
year did not return from this place. �”You worry in vain,” answered
Forester old hunter. – I have a gun, and I’m not afraid of anyone,
I won a war, the Nazis were much worse than yours
mythical Mansi “.

Dinner in the taiga with the Yeti

On the third day of the journey, Peter felt someone invisible and
unpleasant presence. Sometimes it just got scary. Its
Peter explained the state of fatigue and forced loneliness. His
was coming the third night in the taiga, after which it was possible
turn back. Light Goryunov shot a hare and was going to
cook a wonderful dinner, and in the evening made a fire and began
fry a hare. Soon from the fire went the delicious flavor. And suddenly
the forester heard a loud crash of boughs …

His gun remained in the tent, but there was a knife on his belt, and on the right
lay the ax with which Peter chopped wood. Listening to the weird
sounds, the man reassured himself that there is nothing to fear: bears in the winter
they sleep, wolves, even very hungry ones, will not fit the fire. And howling them
he did not hear …

Despite this, the tension was increasing. Peter internally
prepared for everything, but what he saw plunged him into shock. From the forest
a huge man came out dressed like a forester
first, in a strange shaggy coat. Then Peter realized that in fact
In fact, it is thick, shaggy wool. Stranger growth reached two
and a half meters. On flattened, like a monkey’s face were
small nose and eyes. Peter also pointed out jaws that bulge.
and the cone-shaped (cone-up) shape of the head …

So scary Goryunov was not even at the front. Feeling an ax, he
squeezed it to pain and crunch in the fingers. But suddenly, as if someone
silently ordered Peter: do not need weapons, throw an ax. And fear
immediately passed, the forester smiled at his guest and drove the ax into
tree. By the way, the next morning he barely pulled it out, so deep blade
entered the barrel. And this was also strange, since excessive force
Goryunov never possessed.

Shaggy man sat down by the fire and began to throw in the fire
branches stockpiled forester. He did it as if he copied
human movement.

Peter never had a chance to try hares this evening. She is
all went to an uninvited guest who ran the meat on
surprise fast. Goryunov silently watched his feast and
listened to how huge jaws work …

Having finished the hare, Menk threw out a few bones, and then threw up at
fire huge log. After that he got up and turned his back
to the forester, slowly walked away …

It took at least half an hour before Peter managed to throw off
daze and move. Waking up, rushed to the tent to check
gun – it turned out to be charged.

That night the man did not go to bed. I stayed by the fire until the morning
clutching a gun in his hands. And in the morning he examined the traces left
night guest who walked barefoot. Goryunov stood up with his foot (in
forty-second felt boot in one such footprint and realized that
the snowman’s foot is one and a half times more …

Upon returning home, Peter suddenly became very ill. About
weeks he lay with a high temperature in his lodge, although until
This was distinguished by excellent health – even during the war years
was sick Rising to his feet, he departed another month from the night meeting with
powerful forest creature and never laughed at
�”Superstitions” taiga Aborigines …

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