�”How the Universe is arranged” with KonstantinKhabensky

The channel gives its viewers a daily show of the project “How
устроена Вселенная» с Константином Khabensky.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, REN TV presented the premiere
Project Discovery “How the Universe is arranged.” The show was extremely
successful: share viewing among Muscovites aged 25 to 54 years
reached 11.5%, and the average was 8.3%. In Moscow
The audience of Men 25-54 was released with a share of 9.6% (Mediascope,

REN TV will give its viewers the opportunity to travel
the depths of the universe every evening. TV channel management accepted
the decision to broadcast the series “How the Universe Works” in the daily
format from monday to thursday.

�”REN TV responded to the interest in the scientific novelty from
viewers. Project Discovery combines a unique presentation of facts.
and better computer graphics. We are pleased that the audience
appreciated the dignity of the prime minister “, – commented on the decision
REN TV CEO Vladimir Tyulin.

�”How the Universe is arranged” enters the cycle of Discovery programs
«Вечера науки с Константином Khabensky». Popular science
the program presents the latest theories in a visual and fascinating
form – and makes space simple and straightforward.

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