Huge dog-like monster terrorizesArgentines

From the city of Santa Fe in the Argentine province of the same name
Received information about 2-meter dog-like monster, striker
on pets. One of the locals allegedly even managed
Capture the monster in the photo.

An eyewitness says that he was returning home at night and suddenly
noticed a tall thin creature running along the street on four
limbs. Struck man took out a smartphone and once
photographed the creature before she was out of sight.

Some believe that this is a real werewolf. For others,
it’s about the legendary chupacabra. If you believe the third, in the city
a mutant or descendant from a parallel world appeared. Skeptics
suggest that the night streets of Santa Fe wanders just
exhausted bear.

It is reported that the monster has already bitten two dogs: a pit bull terrier
and the German Shepherd. Argentines who did not keep track of their pets
found those tormented almost to shreds (the handwriting of robbery is clearly not
chupacabras). Witness the appearance of the mysterious monster steel
a few dozen townspeople. Until the creature attacks humans,
however, locals naturally fear that sooner or later
it can happen.

Here is what one eyewitness writes:

I saw the exact same sinister creature here in 2005. She is
ran across the bridge when my friends and I noticed her. I was just
stunned when this creature fell on its hind legs and became
jump like a kangaroo. It jumped from a height of 6 meters and ran away.
In the Philippines, for example, such creatures are called asvangi.
These are believed to be demonic entities capable of taking shape.
various creatures.

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