Huge eye photographed in the sky aboveThe Netherlands

Arizona researcher of supernatural phenomena (mainly
heavenly nature), positioning itself on the web under the nickname MrMBB333,
shared with his subscribers the most curious picture that he
in turn, handed over to a certain Dutchman named Jesper.

The latter wrote to the ufologist that he was driving to work on April 22 and
unexpectedly noticed in the clouds a huge eye is surprisingly correct
forms. Startled man immediately stopped and captured the anomaly
on the smartphone camera. It can be anything, but it says
Dutchman, simply amazing!

Of course, many of us will say that this is just a paradolic
illusion caused by the fancy arrangement of clouds in the sky. None
however, people with a religious mindset saw in this an unequivocal
the Omen. Maybe it was addressed only to Jesper, and perhaps
as to all the inhabitants of the earth. By the way, almost the same
Proves and theory of reasonable clouds, according to which such
formations in the sky are never random – they are signs for us
living, and in this case, perhaps, it is Yeperu clouds
wanted to say something.

One way or another, many World Wide Web users have concluded
that this is a very unusual and impressive shot that you can
only get once in a lifetime.

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