Humanity has become 30 seconds closer to nuclearApocalypse

The possibility of nuclear war has turned the hands of the so-called “Hours
Doomsday “for 30 seconds ahead. Recall that “Doomsday Clock”
were created in 1947 by scientists at the University of Chicago as
visual representation of how close humanity is to
global cataclysm. This symbolic image
looming danger quickly found a response in pop culture and became
quite popular.

In 1947, the clock was set at 23:53. When
The Soviet Union tested its first nuclear bomb in 1949,
The arrows turned on at 23:57. In 1963, when the USSR and the USA signed
atomic weapons test ban treaty
show 23:48. The decision to transfer the arrows takes many
international experts, including 18 Nobel laureates.
Midnight on the clock symbolizes the Apocalypse, and the closer the arrows
According to the scientists, the global
a catastrophe that will destroy humanity or its greater

Last year, the arrows were transferred from the mark 23:57 to 23:57:30,
when the newly elected president of america Donald Trump declared that
The United States will continue to build nuclear capabilities.
Now the time on the “Doomsday Clock” was added another half minute, and
Now they show 23:58. So close to midnight ominous
The chronometer showed only in 1953, when the USSR and the USA experienced with
nine months difference is the deadly thermonuclear bombs.

Today, as the world catastrophe approaches,
experts contributed to the aggravation of relations between
Democracy “and North Korea. Say, the DPRK is seeking
significant success in the development of nuclear weapons, and provocative
the rhetoric of the American and North Korean authorities increases the risk of
that war will start by mistake or simple misunderstanding. Fears
over the end of the world also increased due to friction between the US and
Russia, tensions between Pakistan and India, the situation in
South China Sea, as well as the uncertainty of the Iranian
nuclear program. There are other serious international conflicts
not for nothing that some independent experts argue that the Third
World War II has been going on for a long time, at least since 2008 …

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