Humanity lived to the second warning,the third may not be

The first “Appeal to humanity” of world scientists, which
Journalists rightly called then a warning, appeared in
The media in 1992. At the time, this manifesto was signed
1700 scientists from many countries of the world, including Nobel laureates.
It said that modern society barbarously destroys
nature, which can lead to very serious consequences.

And so the other day BioScience magazine published a second appeal,
which is already called “A warning to mankind”. On
this time under it already more than 15 thousand signatures of scientists of various sciences
from almost two hundred countries of the world. 25 years after first treatment
scientists are already sounding the alarm, stating that in a quarter of a century
humanity has not only not decided, but even more aggravated
an environmental problem that has now become a global
disaster and how the sword of Damocles hangs over us all.

Time is running out, says today’s manifesto, if
humanity and this time will not change anything, considering “our
a century is enough “, then our children and grandchildren really can no longer
there is no water, no air, no light on planet Earth. I.e
The third warning may no longer happen – there will be nobody
to warn, and to no one …

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