Humanoid creature accidentally captured inthe forest

The above picture taken a few nights ago,
demonstrates a mysterious human-like figure with glowing
глазами в темном the forest. The author of an amazing photo was a
an American hunter who set up a camera trap in nature.
Its owner is visible on the right side of the frame.

Once on Facebook, the image is instant
attracted the attention of researchers of supernatural phenomena and
common users of the World Wide Web.

Departing from the camera, its owner has provoked the sensor as expected.
movement, and the device took a picture. After reviewing it after a day,
the man was confused and even experienced a little shock.
Between the trees to his right, a tall, slim figure with a
small head and big eyes reflecting the flash light.
A straight-line creature looks dangerous enough, however it does not
attacked a man; this may indicate that the creature was and
scared herself.

Some commentators on the Internet who read
ominous shot, they thought that we face a snowman.
According to others, it was a ghost. Still others push
hypothesis of a stranger from another planet. The fourth claim
it is about lesh. Finally, the fifths are convinced that this was some kind of
unknown to science being.

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