Humanoid creature of unknown originhit the dvr in texas

The authors of the popular conspiratorial YouTube channel “UFOmania”
claim to get a video from a certain Texan driver, whose
DVR captured a few days ago something unusual.
Mysterious footage, accidentally taken by the camera in broad daylight,
demonstrate a tall and thin humanoid figure standing near
roads. Some commentators have reviewed the following.
record, even made out that the creature clearly voted, hoping for

According to the words of conspiracy theorists, it’s probably about an alien,
escaped from a government lab and found nearby
from the city of Corsicana. Probably an alien spied how people
hitchhiking, and decided to try to do the same.
The humanoid skin has a greenish tint and the head is completely devoid of
hair. However, he seems to be wearing a woman’s dress. Perhaps it
another result of his inept mimicry under man.

However, not all users of the site believed that
these frames depict the real representative of extraterrestrial
civilization. Many skeptics felt that we simply
some freaky mannequin or movie props. Other
doubters suggest that this was a man
just an unusual appearance. It is possible that at the moment he
He is undergoing chemotherapy – hence, they say, his baldness, thinness and
unnatural skin color. It is a pity that the truth we are unlikely
will find out.

But interestingly, rhetorically asking regular commentators,
didn’t the driver himself notice this “strange man” on
the curb? Why did not stop, did not ask who it is? ..

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