Hungry Ghosts of Japan – Hidarugs

There are different kinds of ghosts: some of them just wander
on the ground, others try to scare people, still others – to join with them
in contact, etc. Very unusual in this regard is the behavior of the Japanese,
the so-called, hungry ghosts of the Hidruns.

Hidarougami – restless souls or vampires?

Hidarugami – one of the most otherworldly in Japan
entities. Their name means “hungry gods”, however
according to legend, these are the souls of people who are lost in the mountains
trails and died of starvation, while remaining unburied,
so – and unchallenged. Depending on the region, the name of these
spirits may be somewhat different, but no matter how these ghosts
were called, their essence and actions are the same – they wander in search of that
unfortunate, with whom alone and can share their eternal flour
hunger. Such is the curse imposed on them (why, no one
knows). Naturally, therefore, that the victims of the Khidar friends become
most often lonely travelers …

A lot of stories tell how a person walking along
mountain path in Japan, suddenly embraces the feeling of a wild, never
ранее не испытываемого hunger. This feeling is not only
absolutely overwhelming, but also almost irresistible. Often
he is accompanied by inexplicable fatigue and even strange
numbness of the limbs, causing the traveler to fall to the ground without
understands what is happening to him. If not help him in time, man
mad and die, and after death he will turn into a hungry
ghost of the Land of the Rising Sun …

However, such an ominous fate can be avoided if you carry
at least a tiny piece of edible. Even the only thing will do.
rice grain, it is able to quickly satisfy the supernatural

Therefore, today the Japanese, alone going to the mountains,
they will certainly take food with them, even if only a little, if, to the morning,
the path is not long.

Interestingly, the residents of Shiga Prefecture (Honshu Island) describe
hidarugami as zombies: they are aggressive creatures that can attack
on man and eat his flesh in order to satisfy his bitter
hunger. To protect against them, you should always carry rice

Encounters with hidarugami

All this can be treated like a fairy tale, but what to do with
numerous testimonies of people who claimed that
personally encountered insatiable ghosts? For example, in 1736.
a certain Japanese named Senkichi went somewhere along the desolate
mountain trail. Later, the locals found him slightly alive with fear.
the inhabitants. When they brought Senkichi to their village, a man
told that a whole pack of hungry people attacked him

Another story that happened at about the same time is about
traveler Mizuki Shigeru, who was also attacked by ghostly
the creature. The man survived only due to the fact that in his
bag was rice. Mizuki grabbed a handful of saving grains and scattered
them on the ground. While hidarugami searched and picked up rice, traveler
managed to escape.

But now the irrefutable fact is far from “oral creativity”:
vintage japanese guides and maps bluntly warned about
hungry ghosts and advised travelers to take with him
something edible, say Japan’s traditional rice.

Especially a lot of dark traditions went through rural Japan.
For example, that in Wakayama Prefecture, near the mountains
Shokumotori and Okumotori, in the ground there is a deep pit where they live
angry hidarugami. There are many mountain trails in Japan.
special holy places to pray for protection from the hungry

The Japanese believe that all the rumors and stories about hidarugami are real, their
could be a hundred times more if meeting with the hungry
ghosts did not end in the majority pitiable for a person –
and he himself becomes such a creepy ghost …

Are the hungry ghosts scary?

It is believed that such stories only personify
severe hunger from which the Japanese suffered over the centuries
peasants. However, stories about hidarugami spread in those
areas of the country that remained relatively rich and
prosperous. Moreover, hungry ghosts are considered
still quite weak spirits amid all the other Japanese

Sometimes they are credited with disgusting, always thirsty and
hungering spirits named “gaki”. This is a humanoid, very thin
creatures with strongly swollen bellies that are always looking for
anything edible. Gaki is the lowest form of human
existence, they after death become gluttonous, greedy,
envious and generally bad people. The hunger tormenting these creatures
so strong that they can eat corpses and feces and desperately
licking at the sight of the slightest drop of blood. However, their hunger is always
remains unfulfilled …

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