Hurricane Michael observed in satellite imagemystic sign

An incredibly destructive hurricane “Michael” that hit
Southeast coast of the United States, reached the state of Florida. Near the ocean
wind speed is recorded, amounting to over a hundred meters in
give me a sec. 375 thousand local residents were on an emergency basis
evacuated after the state declared a state of emergency.
Despite the fact that the number of victims is still measured in units
�”Michael” is called the most powerful hurricane faced
modern florida.

Tragedy has acquired an unusual and somewhat mystical coil,
when the Americans, watching the news of the disaster, suddenly noticed
strange “sign” live. In a satellite image of a tropical
Cyclone formed ominous silhouette, suspiciously similar to gray
skull with bleeding eye sockets. Of course, many devout
viewers thought it was a bad omen, and
the indomitable “Michael” will certainly be destined to carry many
human lives.

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