Hyper-realistic robot hit visitorsJapanese exhibition

Nowadays, robot technology is evolving so rapidly
that the line between man and machine is becoming increasingly

At least that’s what the visitors thought the gaming exhibition
entertainment “Tokyo Game Show”, held recently in the Japanese
the capital. One of the exhibits at this event was an amazing
an android woman who amazed those present with her incredible
realistic. Many eyewitnesses even decided that it was alive.
a person with excellent acting talent.

In the video below, the intended robot smiles,
turns his head toward the operator and waves his hand to him. Externally
Android is like a real woman, although its movements are
quite mechanical.

Many users of the World Wide Web are firmly convinced that this is
in fact, man – they say, no robot could
believable smile and blink. Also, when the “android”
turns his head, his eyes continuously focus his gaze,
since man cannot do otherwise. Obviously, this robot has
the gaze would have remained “empty” at this time.

One way or another, Japan is widely known for its innovation in
areas of robotics, and if the craftsmen are from the Land of the Rising Sun
have not yet created a hyper-realistic robot that cannot be externally
distinguish from a person then it is possible that they will do it in
in the nearest future.

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