Ice Kingdom of Lake Geneva at the beginning of March2018

See how beautiful today at Lake Geneva! Nothing that
this creates some inconvenience for those who live on the banks
Lehman (the second name of this unique reservoir of the Alps), but in
This is the time of year to see the Ice Kingdom here – just a miracle!

Dank March winds that reached in early March
here 100 km / h, plus the temperature from minus 3 and below, just
and created all this icy splendor, because splashes,
breaking away from the crests of the waves, covered everything that was possible, right there
turning into this crystal “robe”.

I must say that for the locals it was awesome.
surprise, because for the spring of this region it is completely
unusually. Но только не для уникальной весны 2018, которая
demonstrated unprecedented cold almost throughout

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