If a sleeping person is looking at the camera, then withsomething is wrong with him

Researchers of supernatural phenomena from canadian
community “Supernatural Panopticon” shared with readers
reference to curious material.

Experts in the field of paranormals say that
stumbled on the vast video hosting “YouTube” on the mysterious
fresh video and immediately became interested in it. The author of this
Roller writes that he does not sleep well at night, so he decided to install
in the matrimonial bedroom, a sleeping camera for the purpose of watching
determine what interferes with his sound sleep. What got into
the lens of the recorder surprised both him and
the above experts. It may surprise you.

Canadians report a very unusual fact that, according to them,
confirmed by numerous experiments. It lies in the fact
what if the room is a camera suffering from somnambulism
man will not pay any attention to her because
the state of sleepwalking the brain invariably ignores such objects and
knowledge of their presence does not bother him. However, the character
presented below video, they say, behaves quite differently, as
a half sleeping person should behave.

Man behaves very strange

The man suddenly catches himself at night, raises his head from the pillow and
first of all it looks into the camera lens. His eyes,
glowing because of the night mode, give this picture more
more sinister mysticism. Then a man suddenly shouts: “No!
Wait! ”, Then turns to his sleeping wife and
starts to seem to sniff her. Next he abruptly jumps up,
trying to grope something (or someone) near the bed and says:
�”Just stay.”

Then he shouts something unintelligible, pointing to the ceiling.
At the end of the video, our hero jumps off the bed, crouches on the floor and
looking into the darkness, as if he wants to see something low there,
for example a pet. According to researchers, this person
not a lunatic, but the reason for his unusual night behavior
It may be much more frightening. For example, he is obsessed with this
moment by impure forces …

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