If top managers are the most promisingprojects in Antarctica urgently run from there – it makesponder

The other day, two first-class Antarctica NZ specialists filed in
retirement This is the executive director of this state
Agencies Peter Beggs and board member Sharon Hunter (Sharon
Hunter). As reported by the New Zealand news publication stuff.co.nz,
the reason for leaving and in that, and in another case called family
circumstances, but this is exactly what caused the conspiracy
The Internet is a puzzle and a lot of questions.

The fact is that such reasons as the desire to bring children closer to
grandparents living in the UK (Peter Begggs), or not
from that, for no reason at all the sudden concern for the health of an 18-year-old
daughters (Sharon Hunter) in the midst of the reconstruction of the Scott Base,
seem, to say the least, strange. Especially for the Antarctic NZ
This is a very important thing (150 million dollars of investments), therefore
the agency’s leadership in this case would agree to any
the conditions of the specialists she needs.

Moreover, similar care bordering on flight (very similar)
threatens both Beggs and Hunter with practically crossed-out careers. AND
nevertheless, they run, no matter what. AND это не первый
case of such flight from Antarctica by top managers, just in
In this case, the inconsistency of the importance of the situation
prevailing now in Antarctica NZ, with named reasons, for
to whom these two leading experts suddenly leave a mysterious

Conspiracy therapists immediately added fuel to the fire, who remembered
that two years ago, a retired colonel of the United States Air Force,
former astronaut NASA Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) wrote in the social network
Twitter, that in Antarctica is concentrated the world Evil and that earthlings
for this reason are in mortal danger.

What did Aldrin mean, nobody really knows, but that’s what
surprises with this:

  • representatives of the world elite constantly ride to Antarctica,
    for example, US Secretary of State John Kerry is like a bride or
  • strange natural anomalies of recent years are accompanied by
    electromagnetic waves coming from this icy continent;
  • top managers (today they are experts from the New Zealand
    Antarctica NZ) leave the mysterious mainland, and leave in
    hurry and for no apparent reason to do so.

As emphasized by conspiracy therapists, one would not pay
attention to the flight of, say, ordinary contract workers,
who may not have liked something, but leave in a hurry
Antarctica leading managers of international projects, that is
professionals who can definitely know something important. AND это
�“Important” causes them to leave Antarctica in a hurry, spitting on
career and even possible pursuit. And this is already very

You can, of course, blame everything on some coincidences, randomness
– But you never know what happens in life. Obviously, leading journalists
мировых СМAND именно так и сделают. But the question remains
open because the degree of credibility of news publications
agencies of the world has long been a matter of doubt among people. At least,
thinking people …

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