If we turn to the Sumerian texts, then there isinformation about nibiru

Today, the Internet does not take a day to not appear
another material about the mysterious planet Nibiru, or Planet X,
which must come near (or is already approaching) and destroy

Many astronomers, especially those with a purely materialistic,
one might even say, skeptical way of thinking, prove that
There is no Nibiru, because even the most powerful
Earth’s telescopes, however, this does not in any way reassure conspiracy therapists and
supporters of the approaching Apocalypse for our civilization.
The fact is that modern society under the auspices of the world elite,
which is served by orthodox science, it was so isolated
(literally in everything) that independent researchers are willing to believe
rather, the ancient rock drawings (it is at least there, as unknown
reality, and nowhere does not go away), than the statements of, say, the same
NASA employees.

And let’s see if the ancients have descriptions of the planet Nibiru?
It turns out there. The most ancient and unique civilization
Sumerians that existed on the territory of modern Iraq (South
Mesopotamia) still in the 4th millennium BC still surprises
historians by having fantastic knowledge of the device
world, including our solar system. So, in the Sumerian
the texts mention the planet Nibiru (and from there it went

The mysterious planet Sumerians placed between Jupiter and Mars,
described in detail its peculiar ellipsoidal orbit, thanks to
which Nibiru appears in our star system once every 3,600 years.
Moreover, the Sumerians described that they live on this planet
the highly developed Anunnaki creatures are 5 meters tall and
lifespan of 360 thousand Earth years.

If we also take into account the fact that the Sumerians knew and knew very much and
they didn’t even hide the fact that they got this knowledge from those who came from
the cosmos of the gods, that is, from aliens, you can fully believe in
the truth of Nibiru. That’s just according to the same Sumerian texts,
the next rapprochement with the Solar System of Planet X will occur (by
our chronology) not earlier than 2100. Therefore it is not clear
from where conspiracy therapists pulled information about the approach of Nibiru in
currently? Even assuming that the Sumerians were not mistaken,
because they used information from the gods, our generation, and
even the next few, this cosmic threat is not terrible.

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