Illuminati launched a destruction toolhumanity – “black death”?

As we have already written, a plague again broke out in Madagascar, however
this time the “black death”, with separate diseases of which
here they coped easily and quickly, cannot be localized and
spreading rapidly, breaking out of the island. As reported
Recently, the Daily Mail, experts say that the deadly virus is already
will soon reach Europe and America because the disease is like
it turned out to be capable of mutation, and therefore it may be

All this can be worse than the tragedy of the XIV century, when “black
death “mowed down almost 50 million people in Europe. First of all,
A new stamp of the plague that Madagascar doctors have just discovered,
kills a person in three days, secondly, the doctors have no
means of preventing the spread of “black death” throughout
the world. And the conversation is not about the “bubonic” plague of the Middle Ages, but about
pulmonary, transmitted through breathing – and this is the worst thing that
can imagine.

According to the publication Real Farmacy, an expert on infections and
Immunity Dr. Matthew Avison claims that the current plague stamp
becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, meaning it is easy
overcomes the means directed against him. That is why
experts and especially conspiracy therapists suspect that
modern “black death” may well be bioengineering
development (see about this video).

As one of biological weapons experts, Steve Quayle,
Many prominent scientists were involved in the development of the modern plague.
and this research has been conducted for many decades under
the auspices of the “deep government”, which set the goal to destroy 90
percent of the world’s population.

Doesn’t it seem strange, writes Natural News on the same occasion,
that the recent statement by british prince william
urgent efforts to depopulate the population in Africa, practically
coincided with a flash of plague in Madagascar?

So the conversations of conspiracy theories about the goals of the notorious
�“Globalist illuminati” to eliminate 90 percent of the world’s population
may be quite real, and perhaps this mechanism is already
is running. It does not need any Third World War – nuclear
and destructive, humanity can be destroyed quietly and almost
quietly …

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