Ilon Mask wants to prove that we all live inmatrix

On the insider portal Above Top Secret flashed interesting
information that a billionaire, a space enthusiast and a big
PR man Ilon Musk, who made a loud statement about two years ago
том, что все мы живем в matrix, готовится в августе сего года
arrange a press conference (or even a kind of show) on this
about – in the small town of Mountain View, California.

At this event, an eccentric explorer supposedly wants
provide irrefutable evidence that earthlings in
reality is in virtual reality that we all –
just a computer program aliens …

As one of the CNBC reporters confirms,
the final stage of preparation for the conference, to which Mask allegedly
gathered a whole group of scientists, all these years working on the topic
matrices and illusions of our being. While not allowed to journalists
even announce this event since the billionaire himself
is preparing such an announcement.

Moreover, absolutely nothing is known yet: what
evidence prepared Ilon the world than he intends to again
shake the minds of humanity – everything is kept in deep secrecy. In any
case, according to the paparazzi, the show should be very interesting
and exciting, and funds for its implementation will be spent
a lot.

Recall that Ilona Mask who calls even Tony Stark
(Iron Man “), while others consider him the greatest
adventurer of the XXI century. In any случае этот человек умеет привлечь к
attention and advertise anything. On this,
say journalists build all his popularity, on this
big money is earned.

Ну, а как быть с matrixй? You will not understand what is better, as noted
one of the users of the World Wide Web, the promised end of the world or
life in virtual reality? By the way, Ilon Musk in
reality is not alone in the statement that we live in
matrix, об этом говорят многие независимые исследователи, даже
NASA employee. Did they combine their knowledge in this
question and at the upcoming conference will try to convince
the whole world? However, wait and see. Let’s wait for August …

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