Ilon Mask warns of a third world andtells how to survive

Ilon Musk is very interesting and controversial
modern celebrity. 46-year-old American businessman owns
billions, but soon he is predicted of the inevitable
bankruptcy. He revolutionized space flight – that’s right, but
electric cars produced by him are considered deadly for
of use. Some call the Mask a brilliant mind and a Messiah from
science, others – populist and charlatan. One way or another speaking
recently in Texas, Ilon again surprised the world by talking about the impending
the third world war and how to survive it. To do this,
they say it will be possible on other planets.

Musk believes that the new military confrontation, in which there will be
the leading countries of the Earth are drawn in, surely someday will happen, and
in the course of it will inevitably use nuclear weapons. Concerning
businessman stated the need for the construction of extraterrestrial colonies
on the moon and mars. If the third world really happens, such
the settlements, they say, will become a reliable support for the revival of our
earthly race. The American fears that someday humanity
will be thrown back in the Middle Ages by global conflict, and only for
beyond Earth, it will be possible to continue to develop civilization. Are needed
only certain technologies.

Musk, who lives in the States, certainly knows perfectly well about the imperial
America’s ambitions, therefore, makes such disappointing forecasts.
He clearly sees himself as a man, by efforts
which will begin to be settled by other celestial bodies of the solar system.
However, if technical progress actually reaches due
level who gets the opportunity to go live outside
Earth? The American elite, which contributes in every way
exacerbation of the situation in the world and the emergence of conflicts? Hardly
one of the common people will be honored with this honor, and therefore
thank you and me Mask for nothing – neither for his ideas, nor for his
efforts in space exploration.

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