Ilon Musk began selling inexpensive flamethrowers onzombie apocalypse case

Eccentric Canadian-American Entrepreneur Ilon Musk
recently tweeted that he developed a flamethrower that can
купить по доступной цене на zombie apocalypse case.

Many then took this message as a joke, but now
it turned out that the multimillionaire did not lie. Or lied, but not entirely.
His company, The Boring Company, has in fact invented an inexpensive
portable “flamethrower” for only $ 500. Mask and his colleagues already
earned on these gizmos 5 million dollars by

However, there were many people who watched
the video below is extremely disappointed
seen According to them, the businessman sells a “heaped soldering
lamp “, which does not cost $ 500. Say, in that case
if the dead really rise from their graves and start hunting for
people, as Ilon orders to use created by his craftsmen
weapon? Approach the corpses that came alive close and patiently burn through
their heads? Real flamethrowers obviously don’t work at all, but
уж на zombie apocalypse case необходимо принципиально уникальное
a weapon whose analogues may not yet exist, but this
slightly improved blowtorch …

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