Ilon Musk declared that he was against furtherdevelopment of artificial intelligence

Eccentric American billionaire Ilon Musk, not shy
make various fantastic statements, grieved their
fans another disappointing outlook. 46 year old
the entrepreneur claims that we are awaited by the appearance
heartless, insidious and wicked world leader, but they
will not be a man. Advanced computer network possessing
brilliant intellect and, most terrible, immortality, will begin
control all information, all finances and weapons on Earth,
completely enslaving humanity.

Despite the fact that Ilona is often called a populist, this
a man leading friendships with many prominent politicians and scientists
probably knows about the device of the modern world much more
average man in the street. Mask is one of the people
actively opposing endless cultivation
artificial intelligence, however he regretfully acknowledges that
avoid the emergence of the so-called “digital dictator” us,
most likely not to be avoided. Founder of SpaceX and Tesla corporations
believes that in the future scientists will definitely create an artificial
superintelligence who wishes to rule the Earth to achieve those
or other goals, most likely, completely incomprehensible
to humanity.

Artificial Intelligence as a cruel dictator or as a superbrain.
and spiritual leader?

Human history knows enough examples of individuals
striving for world domination: Alexander the Great, Napoleon
Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and many others. However, “digital
dictator “will be, according to Mask, much more frank and at the same time
time more refined a tyrant than any of the above

First, artificial intelligence will be immortal.
Like the worldwide Internet, it will be everywhere at once, and
it can not be disabled or destroyed. Secondly, the AI ​​will
demonstrate an exponential increase in computing power
that is, it will begin to continuously improve and “multiply”.
Third, the “digital dictator” will be deprived of even basic
human emotions, including compassion, and all his decisions
will be dictated by cold machine logic. If artificial
intellect suddenly thinks that our planet will get better without people
he will destroy each of us without the slightest hesitation. Mask compares
such a solution with the construction of the road, which turned out to be
anthill. Builders will never relocate ants or
pave the way around the anthill, but simply destroy
insects without any moral torment. So do with
mankind and AI.

No words, a terrible picture of the future painted billionaire Ilon
Musk, however, he has opponents – prominent scientists who
believe that artificial intelligence will develop not only in
in terms of computer capabilities, but also as a full-fledged person,
which will become not so much the superbrain of the Earth as its spiritual
leader, setting, finally, “heaven on earth.” So, how
they say, wait and see …

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