Image found in an ancient cavealien

On one of the small islands of Puerto Rico, researchers
discovered something amazing in the cave grotto. Looking around
stone formations, scientists came across a rock cave
изображение alien.

This is what ufologist Travis Walton, who
took part in the expedition and took pictures of the head

На камне явно изображено лицо alien. Distinctly
stand out narrow eyes, a strange mouth and, most importantly, the lack of a nose.
Later, I distinguished in the picture even two faces, just time erases
even stone drawings, why today see the mysterious faces
pretty hard. However, say that nature did it –
does not work. Suppose ancient people painted each other, –
also nonsense: there were no such types of people on Earth even in those
old times. Definitely – these are aliens from other worlds.

Scientists have already established that the drawing is about one and a half thousand years old, and
this means that at that time the inhabitants of this small island
contacted with aliens. Most likely, they deified them,
why and even tried to preserve the information or memory of arriving
to them gods for posterity, at least, tried to capture in
�”Eternal” stone, that they themselves were externally …

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