Immediately two UFOs flew over the city of Moore StateOklahoma

These strange objects in the sky are American and his son noticed
November clear evening, when they returned from school. According to
the author of the video, he immediately took out a smartphone and began to shoot a UFO,
as they clearly did not resemble earthly aircraft.

This is how he described what he saw, because the shot you can
see for yourself:

Probably everyone who has encountered a UFO, feels some
anxiety very similar to euphoria and incomprehensible fear at the same time.
For some reason, even my hands shook, while I reached out and turned on
mobile phone, and the little boy felt accordingly, though he
more exulted from what he saw. The devices in the sky behaved very
strange, they almost did not converge and at the same time withstood
some distance, with the trajectory of their flight was difficult
to predict. And all this happened in complete silence (at least
least technical noise from running engines my son and I
heard). You can think and say anything, but even my son
as soon as we saw these objects, he shouted: “Dad, look
– UFO! In this case, I stress that in our family I did not notice
hobbies ufology …

No wonder that after such a small shock that was experienced
father and son from a meeting with a UFO, an American immediately laid out the resulting
video on the Internet. It should be noted that almost all
Internet users agreed that this is not earthly aircraft

Ufologists are still silent, as a rule, they do a detailed analysis with
comments, when the authors of the footage appeal immediately to
him, in reputable ufological organizations, say, “Fade to Black”
or MUFON, which have their own channels on YouTube video hosting. how
say experts, they receive up to 90 percent of the videos that
they simply discard for various reasons. Hard to say how
they would do with this video, however, users perceived
its quite normal, even without much criticism. notice, that
professional ufologists have a negative attitude to various
UFO collections (see below), although on the Internet they are very
are popular. Next time we will try to get for our
readers comment some famous ufolog why they
do not like such collections, although, I think, in general terms, this is understandable
and so: such collections are compiled from the most “beautiful” scenes,
but not the most reliable – not the selection criterion …

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