Immortality on Earth – the path to “hell”

If we turn to folklore, the idea of ​​immortality is inherent in all
peoples and generations. It is enough to remember the rejuvenating apples,
living and dead water, witchcraft that allows you to “take away” youth
others, and then numerous scientific studies in this
direction …

… which are successfully continuing to this day. And if yesterday
scientists believed that human life can only be extended, say, to
300 years (by the way, it’s just how much nature has measured us, if
man did not destroy his body with everything that was possible, from
gluttony and ending with drugs), then today there are already bold
allegations of possible immortality.

This was stated, for example, by a molecular professor
biology of the university of texas dallas woodring wright which
came to the conclusion that the “biological clock”, counting the years of life
man, it is possible to stop.

We will not dwell on the details of this technology.
�“Stops”, which, firstly, is still only in theoretical
development, and secondly, is quite difficult to understand. Generally
we can only say that this is due to the resumption of activity
protein that is responsible for restoring chromosome size to
the human body.

The question is: immortality is a blessing or a threat to
humanity like a species of intelligent animals? So the brazilian
researchers at the University of Sao Paulo have concluded that death
human (as, indeed, any other highly developed animal)
– this is a natural program that allows any kind of living beings on
Earth to evolve and adapt to changing external
conditions of existence.

Brazilian team led by Andre Martins
modeled on a computer two populations of mankind – normal and
immortal (death can only be outwardly violent or
internally suicidal). It turned out that “immortal” humanity is waiting
complete extinction, and quite fast, while mortals
people can exist, developing and adapting to the world,
almost infinite.

With pessimistic conclusions of Brazilian colleagues about immortality
human fundamentally disagree scientists studying nanotechnology and
predicting that homo sapiens is waiting for the transition from mortal
biological form of existence to the immortal technological then
there is he may very soon become a nano sapiens – a creature
living according to the laws of development of technological forms of thinking
of life.

But in this case, many other researchers have parried
this problem, waiting for a man? Will he turn into the most
normal robot? Insensitive, cold and completely distant
from the ideal to which people aspire? And the very life of these
robots with what can be compared – with heaven or hell?

Spiritual people are generally surprised by modern scientists and their
contrived problems. Man, they argue, initially
is immortal. Our physical body can be compared to a shirt that
the immortal soul of man constantly changes in order
accumulate experience and improve, rise to the light, to God.
And what in this case offer modern “wise men”? To conclude
yourself in immortal shirt-shackles? Voluntarily doom your soul to
indefinite imprisonment in one of the most primitive and
uncomfortable worlds of the infinite divine universe?

Now it’s really, if there’s no God in a man, he’s slipping
to the devil – straight to hell …

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