In 2018, death will befall the world famous.human

Shaman from the capital of the Republic of Tyva of the Russian Federation Akim Buyan
predicted: 2018 will be significant because during its
смерть постигнет всемирно известного human.

Here is how the Siberian sorcerer described this event from the future:

A world famous person will die, and in front of
many thousands of people – in one moment God will take him to heaven

We must assume that this is most likely a lightning, which
hit some world leader. However, the shaman did not name
главного — имя известного human, которому в 2018 году уготована
death. According to him, no one needs to know this yet, and therefore
a seal of silence is imposed on his mouth.

Can you trust the predictions of the shamans? In Soviet Union
for a long time the attitude towards the sorcerers was biased, a little
mocking, why the masses have developed a critical attitude towards these
people, as it turned out, powerful and chosen by God, capable
create such that borders on mysticism and fiction. Siberian
shamans who have always been much more powerful than theirs
European colleagues, for some reason, were ridiculed in the USSR more
Total. Suffice it to recall in this regard the movie “Earth
Sannikov ”, in which the shaman of the Ankelon tribe is shown as a villain and
a mediocre magician, unable even to make a fire.

In fact, the shamans of Siberia were and remain great magicians,
for example, Akim Buyan easily communicates with the forces of nature, causing rain
and lightning even in the midst of a clear sky, taming snowstorms or, conversely,
sweeping the snow all around. It is also easy to read minds and intentions.
people, and at any distance, can look into the future
human и страны, нашего мира в целом.

We do not understand why he said only about the death of the world leader,
without naming him, and why in this case did he publish such a thing?
shortened prophecy. But apparently so necessary, so commanded him

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