In 2018, the planet will be hit by the greatesteconomic crisis

French-Italian seer Caroline Maria Gambia, who
in the role of the oracle stands under the name of Maria Duval, predicts in
следующем году всему человечеству величайший economic crisis,
from which virtually all countries of the world will suffer. Besides –
Russia …

Some countries in Western Europe and America will suffer full
economic collapse, and simply – go bankrupt. At the same time Russia is in it
time will only accumulate economic, and therefore
political power, thanks to which it will soon begin to dictate its
rules to the whole world community. But to be afraid of this “dictate”,
the seer says, you should not, because Russia is a spiritual power,
which will come to the aid of many countries.

Next year, Maria Duval writes, Russia is also in prosperity
culture and fundamental changes in morality. It will be more
a calm, balanced society that instilled moral descendants
and spiritual values. Ultimately, all this will become
extend to other countries – to all mankind. Not
by chance all oracles called Russia the spiritual center of the world. Such
it will start from the next year, such is her
a destination from which it is simply impossible to evade, and
can no longer be prevented from the outside!

Recall Duval is still at the turn of the millennium, when Russia
The Western world almost dropped to its knees, wrote that the great
the country of the Rus already by 2014 will again declare itself as a superpower, and
dark forces will again try to overthrow her into the abyss of strife, war
and the revolution, but they will not succeed. Well,
as far as we can see now, all this is happening. Will hope,
that and the bright prophecy about Russia Carolina Maria Gambia for 2018
year and then will certainly be fulfilled. All the more, that about this talked
and all the other prophets – even the most authoritative and eminent …

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