In 2021, the first spacehotel

In the last century, flights outside our planet were unrealizable.
a dream for anyone who was not an astronaut, of which there was something –
units, and all – the heroes of the Earth! However today everything is drastically
has changed. If you have a few “extra” tens of millions
dollars, you may well be in orbit now. And in 2021
year the American private company Orion Span, founded by Frank
Banjer and based in Texas, she plans to open near
Earth is the first ever space hotel.

Hotel “Aurora Station”, which rises to a height of 320
kilometers above the earth’s surface will have a length of about 13
meters and a width of about 5 meters. However, there in close quarters yes not
offended, can accommodate 4 guests and 2 crew members
(service staff). The cost of a 12-day stay in this
the hotel will be about 10 million dollars.

Before the flight, each tourist will be required to go 3-month
preparation. Once in orbit, he can not only admire
Earth, Moon and the cosmos in general, but also participate in scientific
experiments like growing up in microgravity
vegetables, fruits and greens.

Those who have an impressive state, today can
spend 12 days on the Russian segment of the International Space
stations, though for such pleasure you will have to pay almost 40
million dollars. Frank Bunger promises more affordable
�”Extraterrestrial living” and ensures that over time the price of services
his company will only fall.

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