In a unique relict lake Mogilny scientistsfixed the changes

In the Barents Sea there is the island of Kildin – a little-studied territory
Russia, since it was and still is under the jurisdiction
military department of the Russian Federation. And even though this island itself
is unique, it has a real miracle of nature in general – the lake
Mogilny (named after Cape Mogilny, near which

In 1985, this lake was granted the status of state
nature monument of republican significance, and during the long-term
expeditions (at the turn of the millennium) of research scientists
Institute PINRO about this natural monument was even written
the book “Relic Lake Mogilnoe”.

The peculiarity of this reservoir is that it is multi-layered.
– like a pie. Its lower layer is hydrogen sulfide, which is why the lake
The grave is sometimes even called the Black Sea in miniature. Next go
two salt layers, differing from each other in salt concentration, and
the top layer is fresh water.

Amazingly, all these four layers are not mixed in
Grave, each of them has its own flora and fauna.
True, the inhabitants of the reservoir are often chosen by several
borderline habitats, for example, unique kild cod
(subspecies of Atlantic cod), which is found only here, but
because even listed in the Red Book of Russia, lives simultaneously in
fresh and salt water.

Such inland waters in Russia and Europe are no longer at all, and
there are only four of them in the world, but in this case the Grave is profitable
stands out among other similar lakes for its truly amazing

And now a recent expedition of the University MAGU suddenly discovered
that something incomprehensible is happening in Lake Mogilny – practically
the upper fresh water layer has completely disappeared. According to the publication
�”Interfax”, referring to the press service of the university, is not
never seen here since the beginning of the study of the lake in the first
half of the last century. Scientists make the assumption that the matter is
can depletion of streams flowing into the lake. But the reason for this
a phenomenon can be anything that falls under the definition –
changes in the ecology of this region, as well as the Earth as a whole.

By the way, scientists have determined that along with the disappearance
freshwater upper layer of the Grave, deep hydrogen sulfide
increased by about two meters. How will this affect the fauna and
the flora of the reservoir is still unknown, however, a stable layering
unique lake clearly violated – and it is alarming
researchers, although they suggest that the opposite
processes, that is, a layer of fresh water is still restored. All this
will show the final expedition, scheduled for late spring
next year, Well, wait and see …

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