In Africa, the snow fell

We have just ended the summer time, and in Africa it is absolutely
unexpectedly snowing was an unprecedented rarity for
of this continent.

Nature seems crazy – they say like orthodox scientists,
and alternative researchers. The first blame the global
climate change caused by destructive human activity. By
second opinion, there may be some abnormal phenomena
down to alien intervention.

Cold snap occurred on the southwest coast
Republic of South Africa. Presented photos and
video was taken by tourists in a local nature reserve
Sneuberg. Snow-covered exotic trees, among which
confusedly giraffes and elephants roam, look truly
surreal. Meteorologists report that the last time snowfall
It took place here more than 10 years ago, but then it wasn’t
abundant and long-lasting, snowflakes were flying slightly …

And today, some roads in the area are so heavily covered
that they were even temporarily closed. In particular, the authorities had to
close the Lutsberg mountain pass between Middelburg and
Graff-rainet. Although in the southern hemisphere now
the cold season has come, the weather is still very
unusual for Africa. It is because of these phenomena, scientists have already
abandoned the term “global warming” and replaced it
another, more accurate, is global climate change.

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