In Amsterdam, figured out how to make a crowcollect cigarette butts

It is well known that ravens are among the most intelligent birds on earth:
they are not only able to remember a lot of information, but also
count (at least ten), analyze the situation,
understand humor and be happy to participate in various
sweepstakes, find optimal ways of getting food and even
do social things.

For example, the crows were captured more than once on a video camera when they
picked up trash on the street and carried him to the trash. Exactly this
circumstance probably pushed Dutch designers Bob
Speechman and Ruben van der Vleten develop the Crow Box device,
which, according to the inventors, attracted a raven to cleaning
cigarette butts.

As environmentalists have calculated, in the Netherlands each year is thrown on
Streets of cities and other settlements about six billion
cigarette butts, which are the most dangerous, not even tobacco, but their
filters that decompose for more than ten years, polluting
thereby first and foremost the soil. And although the country is well established
garbage collection from public utilities, collect all cigarette butts
just unreal. They are sometimes difficult even to find, say, among

Hard for humans, but not for birds. Automatic feeder
Crowbar, which was proposed by the designers-inventors, is equipped
video camera and device, which in exchange for brought by the black
butt, will give her peanuts.

As experts assure, and they are supported even by venerable
ornithologists, it is enough to teach one crow, as she immediately passes
your experience to all the other birds of your “clan”. True, trough
It is not forbidden to use other urban birds, however
вряд ли голуби, усмехаются голландцы, станут collect cigarette butts. But
crows – quite possible.

The developers of this unique way of collecting cigarette butts see
only one problem in its design: it’s not known how
such work will be dangerous for the birds, because no one knows how
cigarette butts will harm the health of crows, which can carry the whole
This stuff is mostly in the beak.

And it’s not even a pity for anyone savvy, although
and hooligan birds (see video below), sly crows like
Some ornithologists believe that they themselves will refuse such harmful
works: they are too smart, and, unlike people, they are wonderful
they are guided by what is harmful to their health and what is not …

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