In an abandoned prison came fromSveta?

In the Australian city of Koberge, Victoria, there is
abandoned prison “Pentridge”, who worked from 1851 to 1997.
Approximately 1,000 prisoners and 100
the guards. Criminals for a long time forced to engage
hard labor, and the men literally broke their backs, building a road out of
Sydney to Melbourne. The conditions here were exclusively
bad, and the prisoners constantly staged riots, which were suppressed
guard with great cruelty.

If you believe the “scary” urban legends, in a former prison before
many ghosts of prisoners who died from
batons and revolvers of their overseers. Today Pentridge
serves as a kind of museum – travelers from many
countries come here to see and photograph something
supernatural. At least once a year on the World Wide Web
the next picture appears, which captures the local

New evidence of presence in an abandoned prison
paranormalism was recently received by an Asian tourist Emily
Vijay. A 35-year-old woman became a participant in a night tour of
�Pentridge. At first, visitors were treated to a good craft beer, and
then they led through the halls and cells of a huge dark building. AT
certain moment Emily got out her mobile and took a picture
empty staircase to the second floor. Когда ATиджая просмотрела
subsequently received the photo, she was amazed to the depth
of the soul: the mysterious human figure in the picture
the darkness.

Asian says:

I took a few photos that night during the tour,
and on one of the images that appeared. Ghost one of
ex-prisoners? I think yes. Because when I was shooting
there was no stairs on it or near it. By the way, it was
next to the camera where the famous criminal Mark Reid once sat.
Maybe I captured his spirit? Later I entered this camera and felt there
some kind of strange sinister cold. My boyfriend and his cousin
the brothers who were with me felt it too. In addition,
we got the feeling that inside there is someone else we just
do not see. Unfortunately, we are even a little taken aback from all this,
why did not take pictures in the camera itself. It’s a pity…

Многие пользователи ATсемирной паутины посчитали, что это в самом
really come from the next world. Skeptics also suggest that it is
о пятне на стене или обычных помехах при съемке в the darkness.

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