In Anapa, caught the Nile crocodile

In Anapa, a rather unusual event happened the other day.
Fishermen living in a resort town in the south of Russia published in
World Wide Web video of an amazing event. According to
According to men, they caught in the Black Sea baby itself
this Nile crocodile.

On the frames presented by the Anapchanians, you can see how at the coast in
an exotic reptile floundering in seawater is trying desperately
cope with the tide. Locals, noticing the unfortunate animal,
immediately caught the fishing net and rushed to the rescue, successfully
catching a predator and taking it with you.

As you know, the Nile crocodile is not able to live in salt water,
so if it were not for the people, after a while he would simply have died.
It is assumed that the reptile either escaped from a local
crocodile farm, or threw him into the sea some street
photographer after the end of the holiday season.

Of course, supporters of alternative theories talk about other
possible causes of the incident. For example, it is argued that speech
can go about cryptide, who turned out for a mysterious reason far from
natural habitat. Perhaps the crocodile even
adapted to sea water and lived in it.

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