In another place the ground cracked – now inNew Zealand

Most recently, we told our readers that the African
the continent seems to have begun to split in two when in Kenya
the ground literally cracked – and this opening in the soil turned out to be just
terrible. And here is a new similar message – now the earth is bursting in
New Zealand.

It happened on the North Island near the city of Rotorua.
A giant crack 30 meters wide and 20 meters deep
extends to 200 meters. Of course, this is significantly less than
the crack in Africa, however, local farmers and such a “hole” strongly
depressing. Moreover, to bury her ever simply
affixed possible. For this reason, the failure in the soil is just
fenced in so that no one fell into it.

Experts believe that this crack was formed in the ground
due to heavy rains. In the area of ​​the city of Rotorua, for example, only
one day there was 146 mm of precipitation. However, for the morning, the manager
Colin Tremayne’s local farm does not really believe in this statement,
since it had rained heavily on the area before, however
never before has the land cracked so significantly.

Independent researchers indicate that the land split into
Северном острове New Zealand предшествовала серия подземных
shocks of magnitude up to 6 on the Richter scale. Depth
earthquakes ranged from 10 to 100 kilometers. Therefore, quite
it is possible that it was this earthquake and provoked the “gap”
land …

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