In Antarctica, discovered an incomprehensible sourceSveta

Popular narrow-minded ufologist and virtual archaeologist Graham
Maple, the leading YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot, shared with
their followers are the next curious news. Researcher
says that he considered satellite images of Antarctica at
Google Earth’s help, and suddenly discovered something
strange not far from the south-east coast of the south polar
the mainland. Там оказался загадочный источник Sveta.

Dimensions of the proposed lantern, according to Graham, are
just colossal. It’s like a giant spotlight,
throwing intense beam on the slope of a nearby mountain. Maple
believes that the mysterious light may indicate something hidden from
satellite cameras. Perhaps to a secret alien base or entry
in the underground city, created by representatives of the ancient civilization.
Inspired by his amazing discovery, the virtual archaeologist

This object has a remote location, and I am sure that it
is there for no reason. Where he shines, for sure
hidden something incredibly important. It’s definitely about the incomprehensible
us technology that reflects sunlight or generates its
own. Perhaps this is just a huge mirror. But where does it come from?
took on the edge of Antarctica? I can say with one hundred percent
Accuracy is that the ice continent keeps many secrets.

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